Hopela, Inc




1.       What is Hopela App?

Hopela is an easy to use giving application that helps you give to any non-profit community funded organization in the United States and keep track of all your charitable giving in one convenient spot. With Hopela you can discover organizations around you, give whenever you feel inspired, share your giving with others, and keep it all organized for future tax reports, or just personal records.

2.       Who can use it?

Any individual legally residing in the United States and complying with all Terms and Regulations per Hopela Terms of Service policy: http://www.hopela.com/terms

3.       What organizations are present on Hopela?

Hopela allows any local community funded organization in the United States in good legal standing with the IRS to establish presence on Hopela network and receive donations through Hopela application. Hopela is cause agnostic and support organizations in all categories of charitable fundraising.

4.       Which organizations can I give to?

Any organization present on Hopela, per your personal choosing and preference. Our goal is to help you give whenever you feel inspired, and feel happy about it.

5.       What happens with my money?

All your money, minus the credit card fees, is going to the organization you gave to. Organizations pay simple monthly fee for their profile presence on Hopela. Its a win-win-win for everyone.

6.       Who can I share Hopela with?

Anyone, really... Giving is fun with others and quite a few other people might appreciate an opportunity to give to the organizations you support. Therefore, we encourage you to share your happy moments of giving with your friends and family anywhere. In fact, we built in easy sharing buttons for you right into the app.

7.       Can I invite my friends and family to Hopela?

Absolutely! Just tell them about Hopela app, or use sharing buttons within Hopela to share your giving with your close network..

8.       Can I invite my favorite organizations to Hopela?

Most definitely. If you cant find your favorite organization in the Hopela app already, just send them an invite to hopela.com, or better yet send us some info with the organization name, location (City, State) and why you love giving to this particular organization and well make sure to invite them to Hopela: sayhello@hopela.com

9.       I manage a local community funded organization. Can I add my organization to Hopela network?

Sure, wed love to have you just drop us a note at sayhello@hopela.com, or simply signup for an invite at www.hopela.com.